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Traceability Mark

Traceability mark is a very important feature of the 4 Ts. This helps our consumers to verify the history, location of our products by means of documented or recorded identification. It is a type of insurance and can reduce the costs of recall campaigns and improve production processes. It also enables market surveillance authorities to trace our products from the factory gate to the consumer and helps us in maintaining the effective control of the production phase and the suppliers.


A key traceability feature is that manufacturer’s name and address are indicated on products. This allows the market surveillance authorities to contact the brokers (the middle man-either exporters or importers) who has responsible for maintaining safety of products in the market. Moreover, any other broker who has supplied the product or to whom the product has been supplied, can be traced, excluding the end consumer of the product. Brokers also keep record of the documents which enable traceability (e.g. invoices) for a longer period of time. Thus, consumers can easily trace our products, the history, processing, and location and can themselves verify our credibility and reliability.

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