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Kabayaki (Roasted) Eel Process

Fresh and direct delivery

Put oxygen and ice in the transport process to ensure that live fishes enter the factory.

Live water storage

Drainage pure water storage 48 hours Purify impurities in the body.

Professional cracking

Cracking by skilled professionals. 

Grade before baking 
Leveling fillet size. Set the best baking time. 

Baked eel skin 
First, bake the eel skin to make it crispy. 

Roast eel meat 
Then bake eel to charred fragrant.

Cooking eel 
Temperature-controlled steaming makes eel soft  and tender. 

Baking from seasoning 
Baked in Japanese soy sauce.

Rapid freezing 
Freezing at - 50 °C to locking the sweetness and nutrition of eel​.  

Metal detection 
High class of metal contamination inspection.

Customized packaging according to customer needs.

Frozen product

Finished products are stored in a - 30 degree C environment. 

Quality control 
Pass multiple drug residues and product hygiene inspections. Products made international HACCP, EU, Halal ASC production and sales resume certification.


Use frozen trucks or refrigerated containers during transportation Ensure product safety is delivered to customers.

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