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Safe, Fresh, Inexpensive

TEL: 886-070-1017-2377

FAX: 886-2-6602-1213



AllFresh Co. was founded with a motto to deliver the best quality seafood to its consumers in Asia, Europe, and America. With our customers firmly in mind, we developed our business to deliver the best catches available in Taiwan to end-users as fast and as economically as possible, while maintaining the highest quality standards. We create consistent value for our customers by pursuing the 4T’s that is the strength as well as the core values of our organization.  


We are specialized in the export of live and processed Eels grown in Taiwan and best quality Tuna products. We offer good quality and fresh seafood at a competitive price since we buy them directly from the local farmers. The eels we provide are raised outdoors in Taiwan and are farmed in good quality natural water. It has been observed that the eels grown outdoors have a better and a natural taste than those raised indoors. As a matter of fact, Taiwanese authority in-charge of Eel production management exerts high safety standards on the exported eel. The philosophy of our company is to buy our product only from excellent farmers in the country. Therefore, we guarantee good quality of products for our customers.


To know about Taiwan's Eel farming history Click here

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