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Safe, Fresh, Inexpensive

TEL: 886-070-1017-2377

FAX: 886-2-6602-1213


Taiwan Mark

Taiwan Mark is the most important salient feature of the 4 Ts and is also the strength of our company. Taiwanese authority in-charge of eel production management exerts high safety standards on the exported eel. Starting from a fishery registration certificate, all processing factories, transporters and exporters should comply with licensing regulations in order for authorities to fully grasp the production, quality, marketing dynamics, and industry outlook. Therefore, from the time of stocking, the source, feed brand, quality, aquatic environment, drug usage during the cultivation period, and the pre-marketing sanitation inspections have explicit specifications and self-discipline guidelines. Also, the authorities have provided us with certificates for being the qualified applicants and also give proper guidance for production and sales.


Our every step is done under proper guidance and vigilance so that we can ensure the best quality products to our customers, that too, at a very reasonable price. Moreover, Taiwan government has certified it, so you can believe us that our products are absolutely safe and healthy.

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