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Transformation of Eel Industry in Taiwan

Regarding eel farming, in the past 50 years Central Taiwan has undergone some great transformation in the history of breeding: the price of the glass eels in the breeding is calculated on the basis of weight, and the price is below 10 Taiwanese dollars; for the most expensive time the price of glass eel is more than NT$160. The price of adult eel had been as low as NT$80 for three pieces per kilogram and as high as NT$1,600 for 4 pieces per kilogram. It should be difficult to imagine about the farmers who have experienced this drastic change. The average water temperature, land environment and atmospheric pressure of eel farming are very different from the current ones. Especially now, eel farmers are also facing the competition from Chinese farmers and thus, the pressure and interest of Taiwan's eel breeding industry have also increased considerably.

Taiwanese eel farmers consist of the second and third generations who have undergone the transformation process and those now going to breed for the first time. But we wonder that in this export market, which relies mainly on exports to Japan, is it necessary to rely on oneself or group strength to break through or to stand out to the outside competitors? There are many things that need to be carefully thought about, e.g. Taiwanese market has not been promoted to eat eels, and these problems are hard to change in a short time. However in the future, whether in Taiwan or in Japan, individual brand names of farmers will be gradually promoted but through market mechanisms or government guidance, only excellent farmers will survive, and bad ones will gradually be eliminated. So the future market will stabilize.

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