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Health benefits of One-tooth Geta


Are you suffering from disorders like shoulder stiffness, Lower back pain, humped back, sleep disorders and digestion problem?

The one thing that can solve your problems dramatically by just wearing and walking with them is, ‘One Tooth Clogs (one piece of clog)’ which is also known as ‘Tengu Geta’.


In Japan, the one-tooth geta is believed to be used by a Goblin from Japanese legends during festivals. These geta are very agile and nimble footwear for bad roads or steep slopes and are used by mountain priests who wear them for training in fields and mountains. However, recently these geta have become more popular because of their health benefits that were unknown to many people. They are now used for training in martial arts, for rehabilitation training, for training in mountain climbing, and are used often for teaching in school. They are also called "never-fall-to-the-ground-geta". A few people are superstitious about these geta and because they are called as "never-fall-geta", some students use them for good luck on examination day.

These clogs correct the distortion of the body and the stretching effect of the Achilles tendon etc.

Since body weight load is dispersed when wearing one tooth geta clogs, it activates the unused muscles to distribute the load and helps to maintain body balance. It is also effective in the treatment of low back pain and knee pain.


It is very difficult to balance on standing one tooth geta. While practicing to stand without falling down with a single tooth geta, you can train yourselves to quickly balance your body trunk. By balancing the burden on the waist and wearing it every day for a long time, muscular strength and the body posture gets better.


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