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Health benefits of Geta


As people are fascinated with increasing popularity of western items, all traditional clothes and shoes are replaced by modern and fancy products. For example, Japanese traditional foot-wear Geta also faded into oblivion; Japanese use Geta only in festival seasons when everyone wear Kimono and other traditional Japanese clothing. But people are not familiar with the fact that by ignoring Geta for modern shoes, they are causing their own harm. Thus, with the help of this blog, we want to make people aware of the fact that Geta has more advantages than modern footwear and has numerous health benefits. In shoes, our toes are forcibly squeezed in a small place causing skin problems during rainy season while Geta allows free movement of the feet in the most natural environment. Since our skin is always in contact with the wooden or lacquered surface, it helps to keep our feet dry and at a comfortable temperature (even in winters) [1].


Moreover, wearing Geta has some other great and magical health benefits. They are believed to improve the blood circulation and correct posture of the body. The arch of the feet plays a very important role during walking, running and jumping. According to some study, it has been found that the feet of people who are poor in physical activities are flat, and their toes are not firmly kept on the ground when they stand up. This problem can be overcome if they start to use Geta at a very early age because Geta helps the development of muscles and the arches of the feet [2].


The above-mentioned benefits are probably easily predictable; however, Geta straps also have a secret power which helps the activation of brain activity. The greater range of movement and holding straps by toes stimulates many types of nerves, which improves judgment, concentration, and stamina. For these reasons, more and more Japanese schools and nurseries are adopting Geta for the proper development of the children [1,2,3].


We can assure that Geta is a natural and healthy alternative to the modern footwear. In current busy life people often neglect physical activities, and thus they are more vulnerable to health problems. So, by getting an insight into the benefits of wearing Geta, more and more people will start wearing Geta or wooden clogs.







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